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Register of locations

During the centuries naming of locations has changed often in many cases. For researchers it is very awful to relate names to a location. Here you will get support for this. On the following subpages the names of locations which are supported on the East Prussia Database are listed. To most of them additional information are available. Those are e.g. relation to parish, which could have changed through the centuries. Also administrative district, domain districts, justice districts, rural districts, number of inhabitants, owner information, etc. are available. A special highlight is the reference to online available plane survey sheets for the locations. If you want to access those information you have to register.

Folder Names of Locations
Here you can find all locations of East Prussia in alphabetical order.
Page Legal Court Districts of 1785
The complete name is Justice Commission District (Justiz-Kommissions-Kreis). A new instititution has been added in 1782 to the legal system of Prussia. Following you will get a citation about this.
Page Administration Domains of 1785
Following all Legal Administration District of East Prussia about 1785 are listed.
Page Legal Courts in 1907
List of all 72 Legal Courts, which are listed in the Municipality Lexikon of 1907 of Administration Region "East Prussia"
Page Administrative Districts in 1907
List of all Administrative Districts as of the Municipality Lexikon of 1907 for the Administration Region "East Prussia".
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