East Prussia

Graphic interactive pages to rural districts, parishs, address books and "Kreisgemeinschaften".
User Manual

The portal offer lots of information and data. Therefore you will get here an overview for the usage of the portal especially for East Prussia.

Register of locations

During the centuries naming of locations has changed often in many cases. For researchers it is very awful to relate names to a location. Here you will get support for this. On the following subpages the names of locations which are supported on the East Prussia Database are listed. To most of them additional information are available. Those are e.g. relation to parish, which could have changed through the centuries. Also administrative district, domain districts, justice districts, rural districts, number of inhabitants, owner information, etc. are available. A special highlight is the reference to online available plane survey sheets for the locations. If you want to access those information you have to register.

Parishs about 1785

The parishs about 1785 has been Lutheran, Reformists and Catholics. Beside those there had been a Unitarian and a Mennonit. Jewishs are not listed within the Topography of Goldbeck from 1785. Thus nothing is reported here.


An English translation for "Schulzenämter" is not known. They have been antecessors of the domain administrations. Within the administrative protocols, named "Generalhufenschoss" one will find information about the ownerships of noblemen and farmer. Unfortunately not all sources has been saved up to now. In the following graphics the "Schulzenämter" of East Prussia are displayed.

Manor Adressbooks

Within the 19th and 20th Century among others Niekammer, Stettin, has published several Manor addressbooks. One more is the Handbook of Landholding of the German Reich from 1879. Detailed information you will find in this section.


Step by step information on addressbooks of cities and rural districts of East Prussia will appear hear. As far as possible sketches of maps from towns or other places will be added. Beside the general addressbook there have been between 1898 and 1943 dictionaries for craft, commerce and industry. Those will be presented here for a number of years, too.

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