Step by step information on addressbooks of cities and rural districts of East Prussia will appear hear. As far as possible sketches of maps from towns or other places will be added. Beside the general addressbook there have been between 1898 and 1943 dictionaries for craft, commerce and industry. Those will be presented here for a number of years, too.
Fischhausen RD 1922

The addressbook of the rural district Fischhausen from the year 1922 contains 5800 different family names.

Gumbinnen RD 1887-1937

Several Adressbooks of the rural district Gumbinnen from 1887 until 1937 contain more than 5000 different family names. The years in between are 1895, 1912 and 1921.

Heiligenbeil RD 1926

The addressbook of the rural district Heiligenbeil including the main city Heiligenbeil contains more than 2500 different family names.

Pillkallen RD 1895

The addressbook of the rural district Pillkallen contains 1125 different family names.

Heilsberg RD 1936

The addressbook of the rural district Heilsberg from the year 1936 contains over 2400 different family names.

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